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Waffen-SS MG42 MMG Team


Known as “Hitler’s Buzzsaw” on account of its high rate of fire.  The MG42 fired 1250 rounds/minute, more than twice that of the British Vickers Machine Gun and American Browning.  Add this tremendous firepower to your Germans and give your infantry some much needed support.

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Unlikew other armies, the Germans used the same machine gun both as a squad weapon and as a tripod mounted support weapon. The tripod mount provided a much more stable firing platform and made it easyer to keep up a continouos fire using a belt feed.

This version features a three man team with a tripod mounted MG42 in position and is manned by Waffen-SS soldiers.



  • 1 metal MG42
  • 3 metal crew members
Weight 0.2 kg


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