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PHR Ares Walker

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The Ares Class is the most common Type-1 variant encountered by UCM forces. It mounts a fearsome RX-1 railgun in conjunction with an advanced scanning array. The legendary mobility of the Type 1 chassis allows this destructive weapon to be fired when moving at full speed

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Type 1 battle walkers form the armoured spearhead of PHR armies. In various guises, they provide flexible, mobile firepower able to deal with enemy aircraft, infantry and armour. Towering nearly 20 feet in height, the Type-1 is a formidable opponent with a commanding view of the battlefield. It is well armoured, and can absorb damage which would annihilate an ordinary main battle tank. Its mobility is perhaps its greatest strength though, since it is able to traverse difficult terrain with ease.

Rules for these units can be found in the Core Rulebook

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